Flybear Article – Discover the Parisian Producer’s New Single and Cover of the Wilhelm Scream

If you’re not familiar about the British-born artist it is worth checking out this Flybear article. The piece covers his latest hit single “Hollowed,” and his version as a cover of Wilhelm Scream. It will also explain the history behind the song, the background of the musician, and much more. You’ll soon be ready for the most recent in electronic music after reading this piece. We’ll also talk about the latest music videos and his EP ‘Night Hike’.

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It’s hard not to notice the budding Parisian producer, Flybear and his music is on the increasing. With his breakout single “Lies,” the 20-year young man has established a name for himself in the electronic music scene. Much like Flume or Mura Masa, his latest single’Night Hike the track is gorgeous, yet strained and a synthesis of many styles. If you’re not familiar with his work Don’t fret! To give you an insider’s look, we’ve written an overview of the book.

“Hollowed,” his latest single, is out now.

Flybear’s latest single “Hollowed” includes the collage style of music, which is an ideal introduction to the rising artist. His 20-year-old background in music theory has given an unique sound his own. The songs he creates blend electronic sounds with self-recorded and recorded samples to produce an atmospheric, breezy vibe. Flybear will soon release the debut album, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Hollowed is a 3:30-minute track by Flybear. It’s part of his debut album, Night Hike, due later this year. Download Hollowed for free from JioSaavn. It is also possible to listen to his entire catalog of tracks on JioSaavn If you like this one! If you enjoy this new track, make sure to download his album!

He is the cover of “The Wilhelm Scream”.

The famous James Blake song, “The Wilhelm Scream” is one of the songs that many of us have searched for. But it’s hard to remember how fantastic James Blake’s original. The cover by Flybear “The Wilhelm Scream” is an excellent example of such a cover. Flybear’s version of “The Wilhelm Scream” begins with a soft R&B vocal. It then Flybear transforms into a catchy beat track. The heavy bassline and loud percussion make this track extremely infectious.