ERP Software For Small Businesses

When looking for an ERP software Malaysia solution, it is important to choose one with the functionalities and integration capabilities that meet your needs. The features and cost are just a few of the considerations. The next considerations are security and ease of maintenance. In this article, we’ll take a look at several key features and factors to consider when choosing an ERP solution. We’ll also discuss integration options, cost, and security. To make an informed decision, read on!


There are 3 types of ERP software in Malaysia. Small business buyers tend to be those with fewer than 50 employees and under RM50 million in annual revenue. These companies have limited IT resources or no IT department at all. Large enterprises, on the other hand, are much larger and have an in-house IT department. ERP software Malaysia can help you streamline your business operations. Here are some examples of the most important functions of ERP software for small businesses.

Integration options

The selection process for ERP software Malaysia should begin by identifying the requirements of your company. A system that supports integration with third-party systems is ideal, as it provides a centralized decision-making platform with the flexibility to pool data from various sources. This ability is key to realizing the potential of Industry 4.0. The software principal should have clear roadmaps and releases future enhancements and upgrades to keep the system compatible with your company’s needs.


There are two basic types of ERP buyers: small business and large enterprise. Small business buyers are those with fewer than 100 employees and annual revenue of less than RM50 million. They are less likely to have extensive IT resources in-house and do not have an IT department. Large enterprise business buyers have more than 100 employees and a reasonable IT department. For each type of buyer, the cost of ERP software will vary. However, the following table describes a common pricing model.


When you are looking for ERP software Malaysia, you should know about three main types. On-premise ERP is installed on your company’s servers and infrastructure. This type offers the highest level of security. On-premise ERP can be more expensive to maintain and is not recommended for small businesses. The disadvantage of on-premise ERP is that it cannot be customized to your specific business needs. But if you want to ensure that your business is protected, it is vital that you choose a secure ERP software.


ERP software Malaysia is a popular choice among businesses to automate and streamline their business operations. These applications automate and integrate key business processes, such as customer relationship management, inventory management, and supply chain management, to provide real-time views of your operations. These systems help you make better decisions, while improving your bottom line. Here’s how to choose the best system for your business. i3Matrix ERP is one of the most popular ERP solutions in Malaysia.